2021 Update: Irvingdale and Rudge Parks Master Plan

Irvingdale and Rudge Parks Project Update – August 2021

The Lincoln Parks Foundation and the Lincoln Parks & Recreation Department has been awarded a federal grant through the National Park Service that provides partial funding for the following improvements in Irvingdale and Rudge Parks.

  • Renovation/replacement of both playgrounds
  • Renovation/reconfiguration of the parking lot in Irvingdale Park
  • Improvements to the Irvingdale Pool bathhouse entrance
  • Addition of park picnic shelters in both parks
  • Addition of concrete pathways through both parks
  • Addition of interpretive signage
  • Landscaping improvements (turf & trees)

The federal grant requires local matching funds and those have now been secured in partnership with the Lincoln Parks Foundation (combination of the City’s Capital Improvement Program funding and private donations).

The Foundation and Department were informed of the successful grant application back in March-April of this year and that an official notice to proceed should be received in June.  However, the official notice has not yet been received; thus, the design work that will eventually lead to construction is on hold as any expenses ahead of being given official notice to proceed would not be covered by the grant.  Hopefully, the official notice and the go ahead will be received soon so that design work can be completed, the project advertised for bids, a contractor selected construction can begin spring 2022.

Our Neighborhood

The Irvingdale Neighborhood Association would like to express our sadness and outrage over the senseless deaths of George Floyd, James Scurlock and countless other black people who were taken from their friends and family far too soon.  We stand in solidarity with those who are peacefully protesting and commit to fostering a community where the voices of our black and non-black neighbors of color are heard and valued.  Irvingdale’s diversity is what makes it special.  We hear you, we see you, and we stand with you.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Information

The Health Department now has a Hazardous Materials Collection Center (HMCC) at 5101 N. 48th Street.  This HMCC is open by appointment only on certain days of each month.  For more information on hazardous waste accepted and to make an online appointment click on this link HMCC.  To make an appointment call 402-441-8021.

Click this link for a copy of the Mobile Household Hazardous Waste collections Schedule Pamphlet. Household Hazardous Waste Collection