Consider Volunteering in Your Neighborhood
Join the Rudge Park Watering Team

Spring is upon us, meaning it will be time to start watering the 27 saplings planted in Rudge Park last Fall.  Unfortunately, Lincoln is likely to have another dry spring and summer.

To support the growth of our new trees, a weekly watering schedule will be set up.  Usually on a weekend day, a team of three or four neighbors will fill the Gator Bags attached to 23 of the trees and the Water Rings around the other four trees.  Estimated watering time is approximately  2 hours.

The watering involves using a pickup truck and long hose to fill 3 to 4 rain barrels with water at the Crops Garden on 14th Street. The pickup truck transports the filled rain barrels to Rudge Park. Water is carried to the trees with Gator Bags using buckets, and the bags are filled with about 5 gallons of water using a funnel. The four trees with Water Rings are filled using the long hose.

All volunteers will be invited to the first watering day to learn the most efficient way to carry out the task.

Primary needs:Volunteers,Volunteers with a truck, Watering Coordinator.
To volunteer, contact Kitty Fynbu via phone or text at 402-730-3466; or e-mail.