Snow Day Reminders

A fairly decent amount of snow had blanketed the City of Lincoln, between 4-5” worth over the last two days. With that amount of snow, it’s good to refresh our memory on how to handle winter weather.

Parking Bans

Parking band allow snow plows easier access to roads and streets. Parking is banned on odd sides of the street in odd years (2025) and on even sides of the street in even years (2024).

Parking is also banned in snow removal districts and on emergency snow routes.

Snow Angels Program

For residents where removing snow is not feasible, or a health risk, a request to the snow angels program can be submitted to the City.

This is a volunteer program for residents willing to help their neighbors in removing snow from sidewalks and driveways.

To request a snow angel, or to volunteer, you can sign up at the link below:

General Winter Safety

  • If you find fallen power lines, make sure to call LES as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you dress warmly enough, and limit exposure to the cold.
  • All wheel drive doesn’t mean all wheel stop, maintain safe following distances in the road, and travel at a slower rate of speed.
  • As the snow thaws and refreezes, walk carefully to avoid slips and falls, especially when walking to and from your car.